Course Outline

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  • Harness more energy, time and passion to do the things that matter most
  • Maximise your best and highest use to make the biggest impact possible
  • Enhance self-discipline, sustain success, and revolutionise relationships

    October 2017

    1. Get positioned: Finding your sweet spot

    Target: Learn how to pursue purpose, attract provision and punch above your weight

    November 2017

    2. Rhythm and Blues: Getting into the groove

    Target: Learn how to live life "in tune" with the rhythm of routines vs static schedules

    December 2017

    3. New habits: Overcoming temptations & cravings

    Target: Learn how to rewire your brain and maintain a severe standard of discipline/excellence

    January 2018

    4. Peak performance: The sharp axe requires less effort

    Target: Lean how to execute tasks with greater precision & less effort 

    February 2018

    5. Margin: Creating space to pursue more of what matters most

    Target: Learn what to do when there's too much to do?

    March 2018

    6. Fear is no factor: Courage formation = life transformation

    Target: Learn how to face your fears in highly effective ways 

    April 2018

    7. Getting lucky: When preparation meets opportunity

    Target: Learn how to be the right person at the right time, ready to do the right thing

    May 2018

    8. Turn it up by dialling it down: Achieve more by doing less

    Target: Learn how to accomplish more in an hour than most people get done in a day

    June 2018

    9. Stressed? Using intense pressure to your advantage

    Target: Learn how to increase output with minimal input (slowing down to speed up)

    July 2018

    10. A single point of focus: Doing the thing you think you cannot do

    Target: Learn how to break through despite the odds being stacked against you

    August 2018

    11. Sustainability: Going the distance 

    Target: Learn how to avoid burnout and finish the race strong 

    September 2018

    12. Future outlook: There's no shortcut, but there is a formula

    Target: Learn how to make losing impossible